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Roulette Games Online In N1 Casino Greece

The popularity of roulette games is extremely increasing as it’s impossible to be indifferent to the spinning wheel. The gambling is increasing, adrenaline is raging in blood and that is the score! If you also want to experience incredible emotions welcome to casino N1 Casino and your wishes will become true!

Do you know that roulette is often called a damn wheel? Such a name is not a coincidence. If we sum up all the numbers on the playing field we will get “666”. Maybe that’s why the best roulette games are surrounded with mysticism and many rituals.

The Origin Of The Game

Nobody knows where and when the game was invented. There is an opinion that it was invented in Ancient Rome.There for knowing the Gods’ will people used a spinning disk where they threw dice.

There is information that in the 12th century inuits of Greenland played a game with bets. The arrow was spinning on the axis. The winner was the one on whom the arrow stopped. One more version is connected with Ancient China. There a game with a stone wheel on a vertical axis was invented.

The first known game similar to roulette was a French game “hoca” (the 17th century). It was a simple wheel with cells for small balls. From Europe this gambling moved to America where it became the source of main income in numerous casinos.

The Advantages Of Roulette Game Online

Do you want to experience incredible emotions, to make sure you are lucky and to get excellent income? The best way to let your dreams come true is your visit to an online casino- Casino Greece. You will have a unique possibility to play online from any place in the world, either from Greece or from any other country. You only need to have a smartphone or a tablet and internet access.

All live games in Casino Greece (roulette included), free slots and slot machines have numerous advantages such as:

  • realistic and well-thought-out design. The interfaces of each roulette game are thought out to the last detail.They will be appreciated by the most experienced gamers;

  • the possibility to choose among several roulette games forms;

  • easy usage. Even a beginner can easily understand the rules of this game. So the world of virtual entertainments is easily opened to any gamer;

  • roulette games online let you top up your bank account without any problems as RTP (return to player) is up to 95-97%;

  • demo versions. If you only want to understand the rules of the game and the peculiarities of its different forms the best thing for you is to use free demo versions.

Peculiarities Of Playing Roulette

The betting field is the area where players place bets. It consists of numbers from 0 (00) to 36 (37). The numbers are grouped into 3 rows, there are 12 numbers in each row. There are 3 numbers in each column.

Players place bets on the group of numbers or on a certain number on the inside field. Outside field consists of extra sectors, for example red/black, even/odd and others. Roulette as well as real - money slot machines provide a realistic gaming process.

There are 3 main forms of a roulette game.

European Roulette

It consists of 36 numbers and a “zero” sector. The player can’t place bets on a “zero”. If the ball gets to the “zero”, all the chips from the table move to the “bank”. Players can also place bets on even/odd, more/less, red/black. We are talking here about bets with “equal chances”.

American Roulette

There are 38 numbers in American roulette and a “double zero” sector there. The bets are placed on dozens near columns, then simple chances bets are placed. “Zero” and “Double zero” are above the columns. This roulette form is considered to be easier and dynamic.

French Roulette

In French roulette there’s one “zero” sector. If a player gets a “zero” half of the bets placed on “equal chances” is given back to him.


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In our casino you can experience not only all roulette forms but also the best real- money slots provided by well-known and trusted game suppliers.We work with licenced software only. The possibility of dishonest game is fully excluded. It doesn’t matter whether you play a free demo version or make a deposit, you will always win.

If you have any questions about slots, roulette, or table games rules ask our technical support service. Our specialists will answer all your questions on a 24/7 form.

Do you want to play the best roulette games? Then place your bets in casino N1 Casino Greece and be a winner!

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