N1 Casino Live Poker

At N1 Casino, players are treated to thousands of games that include slot machines, instant win titles, and a range of live dealer selections. And while the site's entire game catalog is top-notch, the live dealer poker portfolio particularly stands out.

Live poker is a subcategory of the site’s live casino section and has multiple variants that offer a balance between digital play and land-based socialization. If you are a fan of local casinos and want a suitable alternative, then these games at N1 Casino are the best for you. You can enjoy every social service from the comfort of your personal space. What’s more, you connect with live dealers, wager against fellow Greek gamblers, and communicate just as much as you would in a physical gambling house.

The live casino mode is for you if you want a different experience from the usual solo video poker variants on many platforms. Therefore, this guide discusses the facts about live poker at N1 Casino, its versatility, how to play, the rules to follow, popular recommended variants, and relevant bonuses.

N1 Casino Live Poker Selection

All live online poker on this site requires streaming. They, alongside live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, complete the big four at a live casino. Poker titles are, however, among the most patronized by Greeks, with hundreds of variants from the best providers available to stream. From Texas Hold’em to Teen Patti to Three Card designs, N1 online casino has a host of variants, letting players choose the one they like. Some variants have 5, 6, and 7 seats, while others let you wager with fixed in-house agents from the live studio.

To play live, you must have a reliable internet connection. Head to the dedicated page at N1 Casino and launch your preferred poker room. You will be directed to a studio window with real equipment, including a table, a standard deck of cards, and a live croupier. However, only participants with funded account balances may enter the studio, and they need to buy chips with real money to join a particular bet.

It’s critical to mention that every streamed poker variant here is optimized and runs on a standard Android and iOS mobile device. You may also install the dedicated mobile app for a full experience.

How to Play Poker Live (Knowing the Winning Hands)

At N1 Greece Casino, you can get the very best poker experience, as there are hundreds of live title rooms to access. However, you need to learn how to play poker to harness the social and monetary rewards these remote rooms and human croupiers give.

How to Play

It’s important first understand the objective. So, you aim to get the best 5 cards hands (the best combination) over the dealer and any other player in the table. Only the player with the best hand (5-card combination) wins. 

See the 10 different hands from lowest to highest in terms of power.

  • High Card: When you, or the dealer, do not have a ‘pair of cards’ or any other special formation in your hand, the player with the ‘highest card rank’ wins. 
  • Pair of Cards: If your 5-card combination includes two cards with the same face value (i.e. two cards have the same number), you have a pair of cards. A pair of cards is greater than the ‘Highest Card’ combination.
  • Two Pair of Cards: You have ‘Two Pair of Cards’ if your combination includes two cards with the same value and another two cards with the same value but different from the first set. i.e., two cards are 5s, and the other two cards are 9s. Two ‘Pair of cards’ is greater than one ‘Pair of Cards’.
  • Three of a Kind: If your combination has three cards with the same number or face value, it is known as ‘Three of a kind.’ It is a more powerful combination than the previous ones above.
  • Straight: If you have five cards whose face value increases sequentially, you have a ‘Straight’ win. An example is if you have 5 cards with sequential values of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.
  • Flush: This is when you have 5 cards of the same suite. They may have different values, but as long as their suites are the same, you have a Flush. An example is 5 cards of spades that include 2, 7, 5, Jack of Spades, and Queen of Spades.
  • Full House: This is when your 5 cards include a ‘Pair of Cards’ and ‘Three of a Kind.’
  • Four of a Kind: This is when four cards in your combination all have the same value. It could be Four 2s, Four Aces, or any other power ranking.
  • Straight Flush: If your combination of 5 cards is from the same suite, i.e, 5 spades or 5 clubs, you have a Straight Flush.
  • Royal Flush: This is the most powerful combination and is earned when your five cards are 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. So to win, you have to get the best combination than the dealer. 

Now, we move on to the playing rules.

Main Playing Rules

The rules to play poker online are straightforward, with the requirements easy to understand. Anyway below you will find what you need to know.

  1. When you enter the poker live game, you have the option to buy chips. Each chip has a specific monetary value.
  2. To start the bet, you and other players must first place a customary bet known as the Ante Bet. It is often small and ranges from 1 EUR to 5 EUR, depending on table rules.
  3. The croupier shares two cards with you and any other player on the table face down. These are known as hole cards, and only you can see yours on your screen.
  4. Now, with just two cards shared, you and the other players have three options:
    • Fold: If you think your two cards are poor, you can decide to opt out of the game. If you do this, you cannot reclaim your initial Antebet. This move is not recommended as it takes 5 cards to win, so opting out when you do not know the other three cards isn’t the best move.
    • Call: To call, you have to place another bet that matches the value of the Antebet.
    • Raise: If your two cards look really good, you can increase your bet value by adding more chips to the table. If you ‘raise’ the bet, the next player after you must match the new bet value. It is advised to only make this move when two of your cards are either A, J, K, Q, or 10 and you are hoping to land a ‘Royal Flush’.

    If every player but one folds, the latter gets the total Antebet placed as a win, and the game ends. Otherwise, move to Rule 5.

  5. The dealer will place three cards on the table face up. These are known as the Flops. They are community cards available to all players. You can compare your two private cards to these flops, hoping to get a nice combination. 
  6. With the flops on the table, another round of betting starts. Even if a player has a Royal Flush when they combine the community cards with their private cards, they must allow this round of betting to continue. Players can decide to fold, call, raise, or check (not placing a bet on the round). However, you can only ‘Check’ if no player before you have called or raised.
  7. After the betting round, the dealer adds a fourth card to the table, and this is known as the Turn. Compare your two cards with the now 4 community cards and try to make out the best 5-card combo.
  8. A new betting round starts after the Turn, with all previous rules sustained.
  9. A fifth card is again revealed on the table, and this is known as the River.
  10. A final round of betting takes place, and active players may check, call, raise, or fold.
  11. Now, all remaining active players must reveal their two private cards and allow the dealer to confirm their best combinations. When making the comparison, the dealer may use 1 or 2 of a player's private cards and combine them with 3 or 4 community cards to form their possible best combo. This stage is called ‘Showdown’.
  12. The player with the best 5-hand combo wins the entire pot.
  13. If there are one or multiple ties in terms of combo, the pot is shared among these hands.

Some live poker may have some unique rules that differ a little from these 13 rules. However, they are never fundamentally different.

Bet Types and Payouts

The bet types for most variants are straightforward. Unlike other table games that offer unorthodox bet types like color and pair betting, such does not exist in traditional poker rules. The Bet options available are:

  • Ante: This is the first bet that must be placed before any card is shared. It is often called a ‘small blind’ or ‘big blind,’ depending on the rules of the specific poker variant.
  • Check: In post-flop betting rounds, you can choose not to bet and pass the action to the next player. However, if there is a player before you and they 'call' or 'raise,' you cannot enforce a ‘check.’
  • Call: This happens when you place a wager in a new live poker betting round without increasing the amount. Hence, you have matched the bet.
  • Raise: A raise occurs when a player places a new wager higher than the standing call bet. This action forces other gamers after the player to call /match the new amount or fold. Many players use it as a strategic move to reduce players on the table and increase their winning chances.
  • Fold: Discarding your hand at any stage of the game and forfeiting all bets placed right from the start.


The circumstances of a particular game determine payouts. See the following rewards possible in certain instances.

  • Full Pot: If the best 5-hand combination wins a hand, they get the entire pot. If other players fold and leave just one gamer after a particular round, the latter also wins the whole pot.
  • Split Pot: If there are similar winning hands, then there is a tie. The pot is shared between the tied players.
  • No Limit Hold’Em Payouts: Players can bet any amount they wish without a maximum limit. So high rollers can ‘raise’ the bet so high as to force others into folding. The entire pot is paid to the winning player.

Popular Live Poker Games at N1 Casino

All the poker online variants in this platform offer real quality and immersive experiences. However, some do stand out, thanks to their fame, high-level patronage, and favorable RTPs.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker: The live Texas Hold’em with a progressive jackpot is what exactly Evolution Gaming offers to players in this unique and highly rewarding title. You get the full experience of a traditional Texas Hold’em, exploring the private and community cards, and can activate call, raise, or check options to improve your winning chances. 

Additionally, you can explore two possible jackpots: Bonus Bet and First Five Progressive Pot. The Bonus Bet pays up to 1000:1 while the progressive pot grows steadily, paying no less than 50,000 EUR at any particular time. The RTP ranges from 91.46% RTP to 94.7% RTP for different bets.

Teen Patti: This is a dedicated Indian live version, with the studio, croupier, and entire aura of the stream reflecting such. However, it is the main game basics that actually draw you in. You are presented with a bet range of 0.5 EUR to 10,000 EUR, so there is an excellent chance to try a force Fold if you like to roll high. The RTP is set at 96.63%, so consistent play gives you a superb chance to make profits.

Side Bet City: This particular variant from Evolution Gaming brings back nostalgia as you are positioned in an 80s-themed Las Vegas studio experiencing different ways to form wins. Unlike Texas Hold’em, which specifically works with just the 5-hand combination, you can choose the 3 or 7-hand combination alternatives with Side Bet City.

N1 Casino Live Poker Providers

The live poker portfolio at N1 Casino is a masterpiece, which solidifies the platform's commitment to delivering only the best services to its players. The casino partners with many established providers in the industry. However, when it comes to the live casino, it sticks with Evolution Gaming, the world's most popular designer of live solutions.

Established in 2006, Evolution Gaming quickly solidified itself as the biggest provider of live studios, partnering with top platforms. That’s because N1's partnership with the company has seen it receive hundreds of live games, including top-notch poker variations. What’s more, this content has the company's signature studio construction, professional croupier behaviors, and superior customer responsiveness.

Do not forget about the interaction and socialization features that are standout highlights. There is a chat feature for players to interact with the dealer, across all variants, while a few have audio support.

As well, Evolution has nice croupiers and enough staff to always attend to you. You can stream poker at any time and will have a dealer attend to you. Therefore, the games are also very fair, with the provider subjected to consistent review and audits in the time. There are management/quality control staff that supervise every stream in real time and ensure that you have a fair chance based on the variant you choose.

Bonuses that Work for Live Poker

As you understand, there are special bonus offers that you can claim on your favorite titles. Poker Greece lovers are presented with different promotions, starting from a nice welcome package to weekly reloads.

Welcome Package

The welcome offer for new players is a three-deposit pack worth up to 1000 EUR and 150 Free spins for the Book of Fallen slot. Live casino players should not focus on the free spins, but rather on the cash they can claim with this pack.

  • First Deposit Bonus: This is a wholesome 100% match offer offering up to 300 EUR. Crediting your balance with 300 EUR or more rewards you with the entire gift. The minimum cash to claim this prize is 20 EUR.
  • Second Deposit Bonus: Enjoy up to 200 EUR on your second deposit but at a 75% payback, which means you must fund your account with approximately 267 EUR for the entire prize. However, smaller deposits are also valid, with 20 EUR being the smallest amount, and will reward you with 15 EUR. Use DEP2 as the promo code.
  • Third Deposit Bonus: Your third deposit can see you claim up to 500 EUR at 25% payback. However, you must fund your account with 2000 EUR to claim the full offer. The minimum acceptable deposit is 20 EUR for a 5 EUR money bonus. Use DEP3 as the promo code.

Weekly Reload

There are massive weekly reloads that you can claim with the right deposit and relevant promo codes. 

  • Monday Reload: Claim up to 100 EUR at 25% condition every Monday. Depositing 400 EUR gives you the entire prize, while you need a minimum amount of 20 EUR to claim the offer. Use the Code RALLY21 when claiming this prize on Mondays.
  • Friday Route: Every Friday, there is a 50% match reload with money worth 100 EUR to claim. The minimum cash required is 20 EUR to claim part of it, while you need 200 EUR to get the full promo. The right code to activate this bonus is ROUTE 75.

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