Pay & Play
Spin the wheel
and get up to 10,000€

HOW IT WORKSMake a specified deposit, spin the wheel and get a guaranteed prize.


Δραστηριότητα : Deposit 30-99€

Ανταμοιβή: up to 5,000€

Κωδικός μπόνους



Δραστηριότητα : Deposit 100+€

Ανταμοιβή: up to 10,000€

Κωδικός μπόνους


Διαθέσιμες Περιστροφές για εσάς
How it works

Complete tasks

Make a specified Deposit using a corresponding bonus code

Spin the wheel

The bonus is awarded immediately

Get a random prize

Silver: up to 5,000€. Gold: up to 10,000€

Terms and conditions

  • There are two types of bonuses: Silver and Gold.
  • To get a Silver bonus, make a deposit of 30€ to 99€ using the bonus code SILVER.
  • To get a Gold bonus, make a deposit of 100+€ using the bonus code GOLD.
  • The available amount of SILVER bonuses a day is 2.
  • The available amount of GOLD bonuses a day is 2.
  • For each deposit, the player gets to spin a wheel that gives them a random prize.
  • Spins are awarded automatically upon making a deposit.
  • Upon being awarded a spin, there is limited time to use it: 3 days. After the time is up, the awarded spin becomes null.
  • The random prize — Silver or Gold — depends on the deposit amount.
  • The Silver random prizes are: 20 FS, 50 FS, 80 FS, 100 FS, 5€ , 10€ , 50€ , 100€ , 500€ , 5000€.
  • The Gold random prizes are: 50 FS, 100 FS, 150 FS, 200 FS, 10€ , 20€, 100€, 200€, 1,000€, 10 000€ .
  • The wagering requirements are: FS — x30, money prizes — x5.
  • The time limit for wagering all promo bonuses is 7 days. An awarded bonus becomes null in 7 days after getting it.
  • The prize FS will be credited to the Book of the Fallen slot (Pragmatic Play).
  • General Terms and Conditions apply.

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