N1 Casino Live Dealer Games

The online iGaming space has enjoyed welcome improvement, delivering top-level satisfaction to players globally. In Greece, particularly, online gaming has become more realistic and engaging, thanks to the immersive selections hosted by top platforms like N1 Casino.

We have enjoyed strong patronage among gambling Greeks courtesy of its excellent games, which include a dedicated καζινο live, the focus of this guide. The platform's live service is basically out of the world, hosting top-level titles that take players into a universe of fun. This specialized section offers players the exact alternative to walking into a retail land-based casino.

The N1 Casino special live dealer service was created with the simple objective of giving players land-based fun from the comfort of their homes. The live games have streaming features that connect you to a real studio with real humans, tables, cards and every relevant equipment needed to play in a typical retail location.

The type of live or remote titles players will find here include roulette, blackjack, poker, and special game shows. These collections are available in many variants provided by different development studios. You just need to play them, and you can do so via the steps below.

  • Head to the N1 Casino dedicated live page, located among the icons at the homepage top.

  • Choose the category of the game you want to play and pick one of the variants.

  • Launch your selection and place your real money bet to connect to its studio. You will see your real human dealer and all the equipment relevant to your selection. For example, if you select a roulette, you will see the real roulette wheels and table with all its inside and outside bet markings.

  • Place your bets, and then allow the croupier to start playing.

The above steps are all required to stream and play remotely. Now, many other unique factors must be considered when streaming at N1 Casino. This guide discusses all of these so that you can have memorable sessions.

Perks of Playing at Live Casino

N1 Live Casino Greece is unique and delivers superbly in terms of expectations. The platform's dedication to replicating the best land-based game houses has turned out to be successful. In fact, many Greeks consider its services better than most physical sites. Following personal research and review of registered player experience over the years, we have pinpointed some top advantages of live-streaming. So, if you want to play on this site, here are the top benefits you will enjoy.


  • Original Atmosphere: This platform invested heavily in its remote/stream sections to make it as original as possible. Every title you pick will take you to its studio with exact deliveries like a physical location. The lighting, audio systems, equipment and human delivery are all real. The kind of table you play in depends on your title. Your croupier will attend to your needs without distractions and communicate with the chat feature. 

  • Interaction with Other Players: Most platforms do not offer player-to-player interaction during streams and only have player-to-dealer offerings. N1 Casino, however, raises the bar, allowing the two features. While not all games will put you in a table with other players, some have the feature. All you have to do is select these titles and opt to join a private room where you can invite your friends for an extremely engaging experience. You, your friends and the dealer can maintain constant communication throughout the rounds. This experience put this platform above many others. The game shows are other means to bet simultaneously with other players.

  • Camera Adjustment Feature: Every selection offers multiple camera angles that give you the best close-up feel of your table. You can move between these cameras to see the dealer's activity, helping you make better decisions when placing your bets. This feature offers you excellent personal closure and control comparable to physical locations.

  • Promotions: N1 Casino has multiple bonus offers and special codes that allow you to play, stream and win real money. These gifts are available for both new and existing players.

  • Device Adaptability: Whether you are playing with your PC or mobile device, the quality, and delivery are maintained when streaming. You will enjoy the same seamless experience free of glitches and forced stops with the dedicated app, just like with the desktop.

Live Games Assortment

The assortments of titles available at N1 Live Casino online are very rewarding, unique, and immersive. After analysing many top Greece platforms and their streaming versatility and capability, this website impressively stood out. It has one of the largest catalogues, and its titles are played by many of the country's locals, a testament to its dominance.

Now, it is important to understand that only some specific games can be streamed, and they are mostly the tables. These include the Big 4: roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Slots or online machines cannot be streamed because they are solo titles. They do not require a croupier and neither can two people realistically compete against themselves. Hence, they and their freespins promos cannot be streamed.

However, the Big 4 are all featured in this platform's live section and can be streamed. There are also dedicated Game Shows with a TV-style presentation that works with hosts instead of croupiers.

All the 5 categories hosted on the site have their distinct variants, with some numbering up to hundreds. Only the Game Shows have hosted less than 20 titles. The site partnership with top development studios in Greece has helped ensure enough versatility across each category. So whether you are a roulette, blackjack, baccarat or poker fan, you will be treated with many distinct variants for optimal experience. The best part is that each variant has its unique twist, putting you in the position to enjoy distinct, engaging sessions.

To access any of the 700+ remote titles in any of these categories or catalogues, you only need to enter the live casino. You will see each category and an ‘All’ icon beside them. Tapping the ‘All’ icon of a particular catalogue will take you to a new page where you can have a full view of all its selections. You can launch your preferred choice and place a real-money bet to stream it. Your croupier will be ready to take your bet.


The roulette catalogue is the most dominant in the Casino live section, and the reason is not far-fetched as it is the most streamed table in Greece. This site has arranged with the very best providers in the industry to deliver exquisite roulette selections that will give players an original experience when they stream.

On average, all roulette studios hosted here have quality professional croupiers. These dealers walk you through every process and rule so that you can easily settle in, play and win. The studios are very realistic, offering camera adjustability features, so you catch every detail of your table.

The roulette catalogue has over 300 distinct titles available to play. None of these variants are duplicates of each other, which means you enjoy a unique experience with each one, getting real value for your money. They are all developed by distinct providers, introducing twists and special in-game flavour to influence your win.

As expected, American, European and French tables are available in different variants here, and just as in physical sites, they maintain their unique odds. Many other tables are available, delivering improvised strategies to sweeten the odds. Based on the quality of the roulette tables on this site, it required great effort to determine the best. Here are the top 5 selections to settle for:

  • Lightning Roulette

  • Immersive Roulette

  • Salon Prive Roulette 1

  • Norsk Roulette

  • Dragonara Roulette


Fans of blackjack are included in the streaming fun, with over 250 titles dedicated to them, for unique and satisfying sessions. The games here all have their distinct studios, connecting to a friendly dealer who will be happy to guide you on your bets. Your selection will determine the rules and how you place your bets. So you may enjoy better luck with a particular blackjack than with others. This reason is why it is recommended to try different selections to determine your favourite blackjack.

Irrespective of the blackjack you choose to stream, you can be assured of being treated to the familiar foundational playing style. The main objective will still focus on getting the best sum of card numbers against the dealer without crossing 21. However, the side bets may have unique twists across different titles to spice up play. Popular side bets you can place a wager on when streaming are perfect pairs, insurance, double down and split.

After streaming multiple blackjack versions, we were able to round up our top 5, which include:

  • VIP Fortune

  • VIP Platinum

  • Blackjack Classic 54

  • Grand VIP

  • Blackjack Party

You can be sure that whichever blackjack you stream, you will get a perfect experience that you may find even more satisfying than physical tables. So do not hesitate and start playing now.


Baccarat holds its own easily with close to a hundred titles to its name. It is patronised by many thanks to its immersive studios and original feel. Each baccarat selection at N1 Casino takes you to its own universe, where the dealer treats you like royalty. It is important to listen to the dealer due to the small edges and twists that may improve your winning chances.

The bet options available to livecasino baccarat players are simple enough. Mostly, they just have to place a stake on any of the three hands: Banker, Player or Tie. Typically, each baccarat selection will have its unique odds and even additional gambling options that can both increase your winning significance and risk. The dealer will usually communicate these conditions to you at the start of play.

Many baccarat options will take a small commission from your win if you choose the banker's hand. But some do not, and you will see the ‘no-commission’ tag on their names. A few may also offer fast rounds for increased thrill and excitement.

Here are the top 5 baccarat you should try on this platform:

  • Peek Baccarat

  • Baccarat Controlled

  • Golden Wealth Baccarat

  • Salon Prive Baccarat E

  • Speed Baccarat B


Poker streaming attracts as much attention as the other three in the N1 Big 4 Catalogue. While the variants available to you in this category are limited, you get real quality with each one. When you launch a title, you will be directed to its immersive studio with real cards and neat tables, which you can see close-up, thanks to the adjustability feature. You will find your human croupier ready to serve and deal the cards. They will communicate the rules to you and mention the unique twists and add-ons your chosen selection offers.

As usual, the objective for most of the poker here is to get the best hand. However, the rules may be different across titles. Some may maintain the 10-hand style where the lowest hand is High Card and the best is Royal Flush. Others may obey the lowball rule where the reverse is the case, and the objective is to get the lowest hand possible. A few versions may fall below or surpass ten hands, introducing wild cards to alter play and win. 

Some of the top pokers that you should play based on our review are:

  • 2Hand Casino Hold’em

  • Teen Patti

  • Three Card poker

  • Side Bet City

Live Shows

The live cazino shows are special titles that take streaming and immersive gaming to the next level. They resemble TV shows, maintaining an enthusiastic atmosphere with numerous spinning wheels that offer excellent wins. You do not have to deal with a single dealer this time or have the typical player-to-croupier experience. You and other bettors can simultaneously place bets on these wheels, and will be attended to by many hosts.

What makes streaming shows stand out is the engaging and highly immersive experience they offer. You can easily participate in any of the shows available at N1 Casino for a memorable experience. Each one will take you to a studio with a wheel. Wait for the host to announce that bets are being taken and place your bet immediately. Try to be as fast as possible during this betting round, as it will close in a few minutes. 

Your results will be made available in real time. If you win, the hosts will announce it and transfer your real money balance.

N1 Casino Live Games Providers

While this website hosts the live cazino section, it is the software providers that are the brains behind the games. The platform only offers these providers a medium to showcase their online studios, so registered members can play in them. Hence, knowing the developer behind a particular live title can give you an idea of the features to expect.

Evolution is the main provider working with N1Casino, which is no surprise. The provider is easily the most popular company in the online space regarding streamed games. Its services are top-notch and cut into baccarat, blackjack, roulette poker and even live shows. Evolution is, however, not the only top development studio in the casino, as there are a few others.

Every company partnering with N1 ζωντανο καζινο earned their place and has operation licenses that confirm their fair gaming. Their titles will give you a nice experience and put you in a good position. They are also available to play 24/7, working round the clock to ensure that there are always enough croupiers and tables to accept every player here.

Bonuses for Live Casino Players

As already mentioned, there are multiple bonuses and promotions that registered Greeks can claim to stream their favourite games. These rewards offer access to free cash they can claim weekly and daily. The best part is that newbies and veterans can get and maximize them. Here are the top offers to settle for:

Welcome Pack

The welcome package offers every new player the opportunity to grab up to 1000 EUR and 150 freespins with their first three deposits. Now, while the FS will not exactly work on streamed games, the 1000 EUR is worth claiming and only requires potential benefactors to satisfy their specific deposit requirements across their first three deposits while using the relevant Promo codes. See the offers below:

  • First Promo: This is a 100% match money offer up to 300 EUR. The minimum required deposit is 20 EUR, which will reward another 20 EUR, while the maximum deposit to get the full cash is 300 EUR. It will last 14 days once active. There is a wagering requirement of 70x that must be satisfied if your plan is to withdraw the cash.

  • Second Promo: You can claim as much as 200 EUR and 50 free spins at a 75% payback. This offer only requires a deposit of 267 EUR to have it all. The minimum cash needed to be a beneficiary is 20 EUR, which will only award you 15 EUR. Ensure to use the promo code DEP2 when opting for this offer and try to exhaust it all within 14 days of activation.

  • Third Promo: Here, you can grab a match money offer of up to 500 EUR and 100 free spins but on a 25% condition. Hence, you have to fund your account with 2000 EUR to enjoy the full benefit. The minimum acceptable cash to claim this offer is 20 EUR, which will see you gain just 5 EUR. Fill in the promo code DEP3 in the appropriate field when crediting your balance for this prize. 

Prizes for Regular Players

There are several top prizes that will definitely earn you a significant number of hours on N1Kazino live titles after exhausting your bonuses, and they include:

  • Monday Reload: Grab up to 100 EUR every Monday at 25% Payback. Ensure to use the code RALLY21 when funding your account. The minimum deposit for this offer is 20 EUR, which will reward 5 EUR, while the maximum deposit to get the full prize is 400 EUR. Only players who have made at least three deposits will be able to qualify for this promo.

  • Friday Route Reload: Enjoy a special 50% weekend offer worth up to 100 EUR and 5 free spins. The minimum and maximum money requirements to benefit from this prize are 20 EUR and 200 EUR, respectively. You must use the code ROUTE75 when crediting your balance for this promo.


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