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Buying bonuses at the online casino

Which player does not like to open a bonus game or a free spins mode in a slot machine? But not everyone has the patience to wait for them. However, with the bonus purchase function you don't need to wait any longer. Launch your favorite games, buy bonus games and get a chance to win big.

Buying bonuses in the slot machine: how does it work?

Buying bonuses is an opportunity to launch a bonus game or a free spins mode for a fee.

In the absolute majority of slot machines, the purchase price of the bonus game is set in a relative equivalent. For example, x100 from the current bet. The purchase price can vary from x50 to x500 and higher. Moreover, you can buy a different number of free spins or a bonus round of different profitability in one slot machine. The more profitable the bonus, the higher its price will be.

Please note that the RTP of the slot does not change from the presence of the bonus game purchase function.

How to buy a bonus in an online slot

To buy bonuses of N1Casino slot machines, you need to have real money in your account. Although you can often try this function in demo mode. Step-by-step instructions for buying:

  • Register at the N1 casino. It is only available for adult players;
  • Make a deposit using a convenient method;
  • Choose one of the slots with purchase bonus function in the catalog;
  • Determine the amount of the bet;
  • Select the option to buy a bonus round or free spins.

Congratulations, now you can enjoy the bonus game! We recommend you to estimate the budget of your purchase in advance. Multiply the bet size by the price tag to understand the potential costs and how much you need to win to make a profit.

The best games with the purchase of a bonus

N1Casino Casino has collected slots with bonuses in a separate section of the catalog.

This is only a small part of the cool slot machines with the purchase of bonuses in N1. We promptly add all the new products on the market, so you are the first to try them!


How much does it cost to buy bonuses in an online casino?

Depends on the slot machine. Usually, the price ranges from x50 to x500 of the bet amount. In one slot, the cost of bonuses of different profitability may differ.

Does buying bonuses in the slot guarantee a win?

You will almost certainly win something in the bonus game. But you will not always be able to recoup the purchase price.

Can I buy a bonus in the slot for free?

No, this requires real money on the account. In the demo mode, you can buy a bonus game for virtual conditional funds. But the winnings will also be conditional.

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