February 16—March 1

Devices Raffle

Deposit every three days to participate in the Device Raffle! Win Galaxy Tab, iPhone, MacBook, scooter, and drone!

Devices Raffle

It is time to upgrade both your old devices and your gaming experience! Participate in five three-day rounds of Devices Raffle.

Round 1

February 16-18

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 11



Round 2

February 19-21

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone



Round 3

February 22-24

Apple MacBook Air 15



Round 4

February 25-27

iPhone 15 Pro Max



Round 5

February 28 – March 1

Dokma Electric Scooter



How it works

Join the Raffle

Make a qualifying deposit during the round.

Stay Tuned

Be sure to deposit each of the five rounds

Get ready for the next draw

And another round. Check the schedule


  1. Schedule (00:00 — 23:59 UTC):
    • 16/02/2024–18/02/2024. Qualifying deposit: €20+. Prize: Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 11"(€800). The draw will take place on February 19.
    • 19/02/2024–21/02/2024. Qualifying deposit: €20+. Prize: DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone (€800). The draw will take place on February 22.
    • 22/02/2024–24/02/2024. Qualifying deposit: €30+. Prize: Apple MacBook Air 15" (€1,500). The draw will take place on February 26.
    • 25/02/2024–27/02/2024. Qualifying deposit: €30+. Prize: iPhone 15 Pro Max (€1,500). The draw will take place on February 28.
    • 28/02/2024–01/03/2024. Qualifying deposit: €50+. Prize: Dokma Electric Scooter (€2,000). The draw will take place on March 4.
  2. Making a qualifying deposit during the round makes you the participant.
  3. One out of all participants of the draw wins a "Tangible gift".
  4. There is no wagering requirement for tangible prizes. Unclaimed prizes expire in 1 month.
  5. By agreement of the parties or due to the inability to provide the prize within a reasonable time, the casino reserves the right to pay out as the prize for winning the raffle a currency amount equal to the price of the device which has no wagering requirements and can be immediately withdrawn.

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